Manage Your Time For Maximum Impact in 2018

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“Mom, where’s my pink ballet tights and my new black leotard? I need to pack them in my dance bag.”

“Honey, have you picked up the food for small group? Remember, we’re hosting at our house this week.”

“Mom, my girlfriend sprained her ankle. I feel bad she has to ride the bus with crutches. Could you pick us both up from the car rider line for the next two weeks?”

“Hey Jess, I’m experiencing tension with a few volunteers. What advice would you offer?”

“Mrs. Bealer, as the community service chair of the dance studio, you’ll need to present the details of the upcoming fundraiser to the board…tonight at 6 p.m. Can you make that work?”

“Jessica, the doctor’s office just called to let you know they forgot to do Isaac’s hearing and vision screening during his annual physical. They want you to come back to the office as soon as possible.”

“Hey Jessica, I need content for the Don’t Quit guide for your new Facebook workshop. When do you think you can get that to me?”

“Mrs. Bealer, this is the vice-principal at the middle school. Your son is fine, but there was an incident at school today. Apparently, your son’s chair was pulled out from under him and he fell and hurt his backside. Would you be able to come to the office to discuss the situation?”

That last one nearly put me over the edge. I looked at the ceiling and took a deep breath before powering on. It wasn’t even 11 a.m. This was last Tuesday. My life is crazy. So is yours. Ministry is messy. Family is messier. If we approach our day, week, or month without a plan, we’re inviting disorder to take root and distract us from the calling God has placed on our lives. Time management is more than a watch and an uncanny ability to say “no” with a smile. Successful time management is putting into place systems and strategies that enable you to function at your highest capacity without losing sight of your personal identity or your calling in Christ….to continue reading, click here.

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Jessica Bealer has been leading children’s ministry for 17 years. The last five years have been spent overseeing standards, systems, staffing and atmosphere for the children’s ministry of Elevation Church. She has overseen the launch of nearly twenty locations, and is considered a specialist in kidmin multisite. Jessica is a mother of four and published author. She is married to Frank, the CEO of Phase Family Centers and Executive Director of Leadership Development at Orange. Together they are the founders of FamilyMinistry.Church.

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