Overheard at #OC17

For Our Neighbors

Opening Session

“The next generation needs someone who has gone before them to be for them.” – Gerald Fadayomi

“Do you want to see my face? Was it what you were expecting?” – Danielle Strickland

“Jesus liked parties because Jesus loved people.” – Reggie Joiner

“We’ve got to stop acting like discipleship is about information and realize discipleship is about relationship.” – Reggie Joiner

“Some of your neighbors feel like you don’t love them becaue you act like you don’t like them.” – Reggie Joiner

Main Session 2

“The hardest thing in ministry with children is you don’t always get to see the results.” – Jon Acuff

“Freedom is not just an outside job, it’s an inside job.” – Danielle Strickland

“God is really in love with people, and you can’t dismiss people and be right with God.” – Andy Stanley

“If we’re not careful – intentional – we’ll orient children and students toward obeying invisible God rather than loving visible people.” – Andy Stanley

“What does love require of me?” – Andy Stanley

“Horizontal morality is less complicated but more demanding.” – Andy Stanley

“My generosity is because of what God has already given to me.” – Andy Stanley

Main Session 3

It was SERIOUSLY night….so seriously, I don’t have anything constructive to post…except that, “As Christians we should laugh more!”

Main Session 4

“God wants to show us radical grace. When we get to be a part of that, it changes us.” – Mike Foster

“We’re going to celebrate the misfits and the marginalized.” – Mike Foster

“If I’m going to reach outsiders, I’m going to have to go outside.” – Ryan Leak

Main Session 5

“Social media posts from churches are 99% about the church. What if our social media highlighted the community?” – Jeff Henderson

“A Neighbor minded church allows people to BELONG before they BELIEVE!” – Jeff Henderson

“A Neighbor minded church creates common ground instead of dividing lines.

Main Session 6

“We need to love schools without an agenda.” – Nicole Fulgham

“Sometimes I’m reluctant to get out of my comfort zone to meet my neighbors.” – Kara Powell

“The Gospel champions cause, not comfort.” – Kara Powell

“Love everybody always.” – Bob Goff

“I’m not trying to be RIGHT anymore. I’m trying to be JESUS.” – Bob Goff

“Don’t JESUS at them, just love them.” – Bob Goff

“God doesn’t want your help. He wants your heart.” – Bob Goff

Main Session 7

“We cannot afford to be in the conversations and dialogues at the level the world is. We have to raise the standard.” – Bernice King

“We have to be willing to lead the community and connect with someone who doesn’t look like us.” – Bernice King

“We’ll never all agree, but at the end of the day, we can find win-win solutions.” – Bernice King

“What killed my father was indifference and apathy and the absense of the people of God and the spirit of God.” – Bernice King

“If you hold a grudge long enough, that grudge will start holding you.” – Jud Wilhite

“The devil wants to take your bitterness and hurt and make it a foothold that he can make a stronghold.” – Jud Wilhite

“You’re free, but you’ve got to walk in it.” – Jud Wilhite

Main Session 8

“If you’ll live for people’s acceptance, you’ll die from their rejection.” – Lecrae

“I may not condone everything you do, but I’m not there to condemn you.” – Lecrae

“When we are for our neighbors, we do more than just talk about it.” – Doug Fields

“There’s one Savior, and you’re not it.” – Doug Fields

“I’m suggesting a life that is less activity and more love.” – Doug Fields

“Busy is the enemy of neighborly.” – Doug Fields

“Go with confident expectation that God’s power is going to show up!” – Doug Fields



6 Key Roles of the Next Gen Leader


The natural tendency over time is to drift from a strategic job description to a familiar to-do list, which is OK, if the items on your to-do list are still strategic.

We must, from time to time, re-evaluate our to-do list in the light of a strategic job description.

As we work through these roles for the NextGen Leader / Family Pastor, remember these two principles.

Maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Click To Tweet

But don’t try to maximize your weaknesses. You need to lead through your strengths and make sure you strengthen your weakness so they don’t distract your strengths.

Lack of skill doesn’t eliminate your responsibility. Click To Tweet

Just because you are not good at something doesn’t mean you are not responsible to make it happen. If a parent isn’t a doctor, he or she is still responsible for the health of their child. Make sure you understand your bent and skills so you can find others to fill the gaps


ALIGN Key Leaders

Key Questions: How does the team play together?

What are the common terms and values that drive staff / core volunteer behavior?

What plan do you have in place to ensure alignment when problems occur?


CHAMPION Every Age Group

Key Questions: How does the church value kids, teenagers, and families?

What are the physical and digital platforms that promote and cast vision?


GAUGE Effectiveness and Success

Key Questions: How do leaders measure success?

What are the characteristics and specific wins that clarify success?

5 Critical Gauges: Leader, Message, Family, Group, & Service

(found in the Orange Leaders Handbook)


ASSIST Ministry Systems

Key Question: How are ministries supported and resourced?

What are the support systems and budget that create efficiency?


EXPAND Learning

Key Question: How are your leaders growing and developing?

What responsibilities are we assigning team members outside of their regular tasks to help them expand their knowledge base?

What resources are most effective at training your staff?


PARTNER with Parents

Key Question: How are your ministries helping parents win?

What are the core resources you use to equip and engage parents?



Frank Bealer