How to STAY CONNECTED and GROW as a Married Couple in Ministry

As Featured on the Married People Podcast

For the final episode of the 2017 Married People podcast, Frank and I were invited to share how, despite our demanding schedules, we stay connected as a married couple. We don’t have all the answers. Honestly, I’m not sure we ever will, but there is one thing we do, one habit we’ve formed that helps keep us connected and growing in our relationship.

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For additional podcast content, check out my new WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP Podcast.

Jess Bealer

Make 2018 Your BEST YEAR YET



If you’re anything like me, you have big plans for 2018. I want to be a more patient mom, a more attentive spouse, a stronger leader and I want to find ways to increase my efficiency and effectiveness in ministry. In order to do this, I need a plan. One of the best ways I’ve found to grow consistently is by reading and listening to great leadership content. I already have my eyes on a few books for 2018 and I’m adding two additional podcasts to my daily rotation.

If you’re looking for something new that will be both challenging and encouraging, I have a few suggestions…

Check out my new book, DON’T QUIT, coauthored with Gina McClain. The best things in ministry come over time, but ministry is messy and can oftentimes feel overwhelming. We wrote this book to give you insight to help you better navigate the different seasons of your ministry, as well as offer tips and advice on how to endure tough days. DON’T QUIT is available on Amazon or at

The WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP Podcast launched in December. The goal…to help women learn to lead better. Each podcast is approximately 10 minutes long. It’s narrative style and offers a personal story from my life. Each episode contains a passage of scripture and a weekly challenge. A new episode is released every Wednesday morning. Click HERE to listen now.

If you spent 2017 apologizing to your spouse and kids because you just couldn’t seem to find a good balance between family and ministry, I would encourage you to pick up my husband’s book, THE MYTH OF BALANCE, also available on Amazon or at If you’re an audio book aficionado, you’ll be pleased to find it offered in that format as well.

There are also tons of great resources as

Whatever your goals may be for 2018, a good first step is finding the right resources that speak to you in your season of life.

I’m praying and believing great things for you, your family, and your ministry this year!

Jess Bealer


Here’s your guide to The Myth of Balance Workshop Series


Here’s the guide …

Here’s your guide to week 1 of The Myth of Balance Workshop Series, which begins Monday, July 10.

To avoid overloading your inbox, we’ll post each week’s guide in the Facebook group the week before, on Wednesday. So, on July 12 check the Facebook group for week 2, on July 19 download week 3, and so forth.

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If you’re feeling the stress of juggling ministry, work, and life, then it’s time to reclaim your schedule. The Myth of Balance Workshop will help you create your own custom plan for managing your time and your ministry in a way that helps alleviate some of that burden, guilt, and stress. Visit for more details.

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Cut It Out! Finding the Best in Less

As seen on

As a child, TGIF was a big part of my family’s weekly routine. At 8 p.m. every Friday night, we would huddle in front of our 19-inch TV to watch the Tanner and Winslow families navigate life. Steve Urkel would whine, “Did I do that?” and Jesse would make us all smile with his, “Have Mercy!” The biggest laughs always came when Joey would say his catch phrase, “Cut it out.” It was his way of saying stop, you’re embarrassing me . . . but don’t really stop.

It’s interesting how preparing for this blog post about pruning programs for ministry led me to a childhood memory. When the to-do list seems insurmountable and there aren’t enough volunteers to make it all happen, most of us would say we are open to the idea of scaling back programming. We’re open to it . . . until it’s time to actually make the required changes. Cutting back in ministry is extremely difficult because people have come to expect what we offer. Families have fallen in love with pieces of our ministry. Volunteers have grown to enjoy the routine they’ve established. Most of the time, change doesn’t feel like opportunity, it feels like sacrifice.

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See You At The Orange Conference #OC17


Jess and I can’t wait for #OC17. It really is our favorite conference of the year! If you’ve been waiting to register, the wait is over!

If you’ve never been then you should know what’s going to happen.

  • You’ll learn from, share with, and be accepted by those in your tribe.
  • You’ll hear speakers that are innovative, practical and experienced.
  • You’ll have the freedom to set your own agenda with over 100 breakouts.
  • Your team will get back on the same page.
  • And you’ll be reminded that ministry can also be crazy, ridiculous fun! That’s a lot of awesome.

Register for The Orange Conference by February 16 to save $50 off regular rates!

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