Help! I Need Somebody!

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Have you ever looked at your ministry and been completely stumped? Have you ever had an insane urgency to sing an ode to the Beatles and break out with, “Help! I Need Somebody!” You’re not alone. We’ve all found ourselves at that crucial crossroads.

For the past 17 years, I’ve had the privilege to minister to children and families. At the age of 19, I took my first children’s director position. I was wide-eyed and passionate with big dreams. I can honestly say God has guided my path and allowed me to pursue greater opportunities than I could have possibly imagined. The past six years saw me leading the children’s ministry of one of the largest and fastest growing churches in America. It was an incredible journey.

About six months ago, my husband and I made a major transition in our life. We went on staff with Orange and began helping churches all over the globe better minister to kids, students and families. I also began consulting and coaching with leaders and ministries from around the country.

Whether you need a one time comprehensive evaluation or are interested in establishing on ongoing coaching relationship, I believe I can HELP.

My areas of expertise extend to children’s ministry multisite and launching, volunteer recruitment, coaching and appreciation, preschool and elementary age programming, systems, standards, atmosphere, staff culture, and time management and personal health.

Despite the demand of writing, speaking and managing the craziness of a six-person household, I have elected to open three additional consulting slots as we head into fall.

As summer quickly comes to a close and your church begins preparing for a SGS (strategic growth season), it’s always nice to have a new set of eyes and fresh ideas. I would love to partner with you and your team as we set the stage for God to move in miraculous ways!

If you’re interested in learning more, leave a comment below. 

Jessica Bealer

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Can You Really Balance Life and Ministry?


by | Jul 14, 2017 | Ministry Leaders, Orange Leaders

I married my high school sweetheart. Frank was the lead guitarist in a local band, two years older than I, a rebel with a cause, and he was hopelessly in love with me. The good news…I felt the same. I was smitten, and at the age of nineteen I stood before God, friends, and family and promised to love him forever. I always have and I always will, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t experienced bumps along the way. As I mentioned, we were practically kids when we recited our vows. We literally grew up together. In the sixteen years we’ve been married, we’ve traveled the world, changed jobs a half dozen times, lived in four states, flipped eight houses, had three children, adopted a fourth, fought off a debilitating disease, and clearly heard the call to fulltime ministry, which required a 70 percent pay decrease.

Of all that we’ve experienced, the call to ministry was by far the most challenging, and it wasn’t because of the reduction in our finances. Read more. Click HERE.

Summer Is The New January 1! #ThinkOrange



If you’re a woman in ministry, particularly a mom, you probably look forward to summer for the same reason your children count down the final days of school: VACATION. The heat brings road trips to the beach, poolside parties, and lazy lemonade stand days. For many of us, summer feels like a three-month hiatus from reality. But what if this summer could actually be a catalyst to change? Suppose you could utilize this time to find a rhythm that helped you communicate expectations, set boundaries, even prioritize in such a way that you could lead better.

I’m not suggesting you should sacrifice your summer break on the altar of your ministry, but what if you could capitalize on this time so that EVERY day was both effective and efficient. Let’s make a SUMMER RESOLUTION! Here are four steps to help you find a rhythm that will work for you all year long:

Say “Goodbye” to GUILT!

At Orange Conference this year, I was talking to a leading lady in ministry. I asked her for the best piece of advice she had ever received. This is what she said, “Never feel guilty for prioritizing the call God has placed on your life.” My immediate thought was, “I don’t.” Then she explained.


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by Jessica Bealer

Say “No More” – Part 2


In Part 1 of this post we discussed the concept of putting your calling at the center of your life. I have multiple callings on my life. I am called to family ministry and all that it entails, but I am also called to manage my family, care for my children, and support my spouse.

When I prioritize, I put one calling in front of another. In reality, they should work together in harmony.

The shift from prioritizing to centralizing can be difficult. For as long as I can remember, I was taught that my relationship with Jesus comes before all others. While that is true in once sense, Jesus doesn’t want me to ignore my children and pray to him or neglect my husband for the sake of a daily devotional.

My relationship with Jesus is what energizes me. It’s what inspires me, encourages me, and guides me. It is BECAUSE of my faith that I am better able to manage my family and minister to others.

When I say “no more,” I commit every aspect of my life to Jesus, not just my ministry. I am able to confidently say no more guilt, no more competing agendas, no more self-doubt, and no more inner turmoil when I devote myself to efficient management of my daily routine. I don’t always get it right. I still have moments when I’m torn and frustrated, but I have established a few guidelines to help when I resort to prioritizing.

  1. I use a calendar application. I know what my day/week looks like.
  2. I’m flexible. I ask, “What can I move or postpone and what can I not?”
  3. I integrate when possible. Can I achieve two things simultaneously?
  4. I set realistic expectations. I expect delays and calculate drive time.
  5. I choose to be okay when expectations are not met.
  6. When scheduling conflicts arise, I ask myself, “When I lay down in bed tonight, which appointment will I regret missing?”

Jesus wants greater things for you and me. He wants us to be great men and women that achieve success in His name. He desires for us to have healthy families that serve Him together. It is possible, but it may require us to operate at a higher level of efficiency.

What other tips do you have to better manage your daily routine?

Say “No More” – Part 1

I am called to be a leading woman in ministry. I’m called to minister to families. I’m called to teach kids about Jesus. I’m also called to be a loving mother, an understanding wife, an honoring daughter, a supportive granddaughter, and an encouraging friend.

When I think about managing the many facets of my ministry and my family life, it can be overwhelming.

I once heard my pastor say, “Jesus shouldn’t be first in your life. He should be at the center of it.” Putting Jesus first means that I put my husband and children second, when in all actuality, God wants to love and minister to my family through me. When I shift my mindset, everything changes. My ministry and my family life are no longer at odds. Instead, they work in harmony to accomplish the multiple callings God has placed on my life.

Say “no more.” No more competing agendas. No more feeling guilty for missing a soccer game or arriving late to a ministry event. No more self doubt. No more double booked calendars. No more inner turmoil, wishing you could always be at the “other” appointment. Say “no more.”

It’s easier read then said, and easier said than done. In Say “No More” Part 2, we’ll look at how this small change in mindset is carried out in your daily life.