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Be Real…

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Several months ago I was invited to sit with my pastor and several other staff members to discuss what moms struggle with most.

The moment the question was posed, I knew my answer. I’m not a perfect mother or wife, but I’m a leader. People look to me. I need to appear as though I have it together all the time. Who wants to follow a children’s minister who occasionally yells at her kids or a wife who rarely cooks and never washes dishes? How transparent should I be?

Ironically, as soon as I voiced my struggle, I felt paranoid. What would the people in the room think of me? Would I be looked down upon because someone knew I had vulnerabilities?

My pastor said something that forever changed how I viewed my faults. He said, “When you’re vulnerable, you’re real. When you’re real, people can relate.”

The point of ministry is to help others. If my flaws make it easier to connect with those I’m trying to minister to, I have to rise above my anxiety and be REAL. My discomfort cannot be the threshold to my calling.

Perfection is unattainable, for you and for those you minister to. If you want your ministry to flourish, you have to let others see your flaws. Volunteers and families alike are looking to connect with you…the REAL you.


Jessica Bealer