Ministry leaders: a healthy family AND a strong commitment to the local church IS possible. Don’t give up, there’s too much at stake.

Frank Bealer

All Things Curriculum with Frank Bealer

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In this episode, we had the privilege of hanging out with Frank Bealer. Frank was recently placed as the founding CEO of Phase Family Centers a new and innovative concept being launched by Orange ReThink. During this recording, Frank served as the Family Pastor at Elevation Church with Pastor Steven Furtick in Charlotte, North Carolina for over 5 years overseeing more than a dozen locations along with his wife Jessica who served as a Children’s Ministry Director.

This episode is so practical for any person in student ministry, family ministry, kid’s ministry or even someone who oversees those positions in executive leadership. We talk about the best ways to scale curriculum amongst church sizes, multi sites, and ministries. We talk about whether there is ever a good time to write your own curriculum and the benefits of a large group/small group model.

Frank gives amazing encouragement to leaders to keep the importance of curriculum in check, always elevating volunteers and relationships since that is where life change occurs.

If you are looking for a new curriculum, dreaming about the future or you just want to know the best practices for NextGen, this episode is for you.

all things curriculum with frank bealer

6 Key Roles of the Next Gen Leader


The natural tendency over time is to drift from a strategic job description to a familiar to-do list, which is OK, if the items on your to-do list are still strategic.

We must, from time to time, re-evaluate our to-do list in the light of a strategic job description.

As we work through these roles for the NextGen Leader / Family Pastor, remember these two principles.

Maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Click To Tweet

But don’t try to maximize your weaknesses. You need to lead through your strengths and make sure you strengthen your weakness so they don’t distract your strengths.

Lack of skill doesn’t eliminate your responsibility. Click To Tweet

Just because you are not good at something doesn’t mean you are not responsible to make it happen. If a parent isn’t a doctor, he or she is still responsible for the health of their child. Make sure you understand your bent and skills so you can find others to fill the gaps


ALIGN Key Leaders

Key Questions: How does the team play together?

What are the common terms and values that drive staff / core volunteer behavior?

What plan do you have in place to ensure alignment when problems occur?


CHAMPION Every Age Group

Key Questions: How does the church value kids, teenagers, and families?

What are the physical and digital platforms that promote and cast vision?


GAUGE Effectiveness and Success

Key Questions: How do leaders measure success?

What are the characteristics and specific wins that clarify success?

5 Critical Gauges: Leader, Message, Family, Group, & Service

(found in the Orange Leaders Handbook)


ASSIST Ministry Systems

Key Question: How are ministries supported and resourced?

What are the support systems and budget that create efficiency?


EXPAND Learning

Key Question: How are your leaders growing and developing?

What responsibilities are we assigning team members outside of their regular tasks to help them expand their knowledge base?

What resources are most effective at training your staff?


PARTNER with Parents

Key Question: How are your ministries helping parents win?

What are the core resources you use to equip and engage parents?



Frank Bealer

Calling Over Comfort (Audio Blog by Orange Leaders)

Comfort may be calling you, but comfort is not your calling. We’re not talking about managing the work-life balance, or ministry integration into daily life. This is about growth, both individually and as a ministry. As a leader, the sooner you embrace the discomfort of growing and stretching yourself, the farther your leadership will grow.Here are three questions you can ask to better prioritize a perspective of calling-over-comfort.


Exciting Announcement For The Bealer Family

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After more than five years of building children’s ministry strategies at one of the most influential churches in the nation, Frank Bealer is expanding his scope to work on systems and strategies that will help thousands of other churches.
Bealer will be the founding CEO of the Phase Family Centers, an innovative concept for bringing together churches, families and communities.

This new concept will draw on Bealer’s blend of skills in education, entrepreneurship and ministry to make resources available to parents and families at every phase of a child’s development.

The long-term plan includes dozens of standalone centers where fun and learning meet to maximize a family’s influence.

Bealer will also be joining the team at Orange/The reThink Group in Atlanta where Frank will be Executive Director for Leadership Development.

His sense of enterprise makes Bealer an excellent fit with the Phase Family Centers and Orange. After graduating from the University of Tennessee’s business program, Bealer started working for a local insurance firm. Over the next 10 years, he became president and CEO and helped the firm expand to 47 states.

From there, Bealer made an unconventional move and joined the team at Elevation Church under the leadership of lead pastor Steven Furtick. Elevation is consistently considered one of the top 100 fastest-growing churches.

Bealer and the Elevation team developed a coordinated, comprehensive ministry plan for preschoolers, elementary children, middle school students, high schoolers, college students and adult small groups.

“Elevation Church and Steven Furtick have always been at the forefront of championing ministry to kids and families,” said Orange CEO Reggie Joiner. “He’s provided an opportunity for Frank to not only make families a priority at Elevation’s many campuses, but also to extend Elevation’s influence to churches around the world.”

Elevation has more than a dozen campuses in the U.S. and Canada.

Bealer has spoken at events around the world explaining the Elevation story, including at Hillsong, the Next Conference, Inside Elevation, Children’s Pastors Conference, the Australian Christian Churches KidShaper Conference, KidMin Academy, Orange Conference and Orange Tour.

“Pastor Steven shaped so much of my passion for excellence in ministry and leadership,” Bealer said. “I will forever be indebted for the opportunity Elevation gave me to grow as a leader and to prepare me for this next chapter of my life.”

Frank’s wife, Jessica, served as the children’s ministry director at Elevation Church and is co-writing a new book to be released later this year. She’s been a children’s ministry director for 17 years. Frank and Jessica have four kids—three boys and a girl.