Attracting & Retaining Volunteers (#CPC15 Conference Notes / Resources)

Attracting and Retaining Volunteers : If there is one universal truth in children’s ministry, it’s that there are never enough volunteers. This breakout will show you how to attract great volunteers, develop leaders, and increase retention.

Volunteers are seeds; not manna from heaven. I’ve yet to see volunteers come from the sky but I’ve seen plenty come from sowing.

4 Steps to Attracting Volunteers:

  • Get your staff on board
  • Create raving fans among your current volunteers
  • Help people see themselves volunteering in your children’s ministry
  • Walk with confidence in your calling

3 Keys to Retaining Volunteers:

  • Care for your volunteers (previous session)
  • Remind volunteers about the big picture
  • Give your volunteers ownership


Ways to know if you are raising up / recruiting great volunteers in your ministry:

  1. people are getting recruited to other areas
  2. their names are being brought up all of the time (in a good way)
  3. your leaders are identifying other leaders


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CEO of Phase Family Centers & Executive Director of Leadership Development (Orange/reThink)

Frank is the CEO of Phase Family Centers and Executive Director of Leadership Development at Orange / The reThink Group. He is driven to develop leaders to reach their full potential. Frank is married to Jess and together they have four children.

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