Fuel Your Recruiting   {As published on OrangeLeaders.com} It’s early in the morning, but you’re running late to your first meeting. So you hustle to your car, start it and speed off. It’s not until a few minutes later that you look down and see the “Low Fuel” light staring […]

Fuel Your Recruiting

  By Jess Bealer (as featured in Kidzmatter magazine)   4 Strategies to Manage Your Time for Maximum Impact   “Mommy, where’s my green shirt?” “Honey, what time is the baseball game tonight?” “Mom, I got after-school detention. Can you pick me up?” “Mrs. Bealer, the adoption home study hasn’t […]

It’s Time To Do Something

  Guest by Rich Birch from Unreasonable Churches Unreasonable Church Reaches Out to College Students By Holding Services on Campus Jeremy came to Lubbock to study engineering at Texas Tech, but his car had broken down and he didn’t have the money to fix it. He scraped by with a […]

Unreasonable Church Reaches Out to College Students

Check out this interview with leadership guru – Carey Nieuwhof.   What are the habits and disciplines that make high capacity leaders, high capacity? I interview Elevation Church’s Frank Bealer, who became President of an Insurance Company at age 23 and has continued to be promoted into positions of high […]

Becoming a High Capacity Leader – Interview with Carey Nieuwhof

  The next few months are going to be insane at Elevation Church. We are opening a new broadcast location, a week long event to serve our city with over 70,000 volunteer hours, Student Takeover, a huge small groups season as we focus our whole church on relationships, opening two […]

I’ll see you on tour #OT16

The following are notes from Rachael Sibcy from Frank Bealer’s OC16 Presentation.  You have an amazing idea, but senior leadership isn’t buying it. Maybe we haven’t set them up with clarity and understanding? Maybe we have a part to play? Maybe we need to slow down? The kind of decisions […]

Leading Change Up, Around, And Everywhere It Matters

  If you’re a woman in ministry, particularly a mom, you probably look forward to summer for the same reason your children count down the final days of school: VACATION. The heat brings road trips to the beach, poolside parties, and lazy lemonade stand days. For many of us, summer […]

Summer Is The New January 1! #ThinkOrange